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Your virtual self care circle - let's deepen your self care rituals!

What is WOMBspiration?

WOMBspiration is the place where women creatively and sacredly deepen their self care rituals- through inspiration, education and connection.

It is our belief, that through consistent daily rituals you can begin to unlock your authentic expression, your highest self - by aligning with and embodying your truest feminine essence, your unique authentic self. You learn to do this by integrating ancient and modern modalities into your life day after day and you will begin to see a dynamic shift within your life. When you deepen your self care rituals and reconnect to your womb space you have the opportunity to welcome infinite creativity, pleasure, sensuality, joy and inner peace into your life more authentically and wholistically

Why should I join?

Let WOMBspiration guide you on your self care journey. In our virtual self care circle, you can gain access to:

  • Your very own virtual self care circle! This private and interactive community is like your very own Facebook Group but better. Grow, heal, inspire and connect with members in your area.
  • Get access to the Disconnect to Reconnect Mini Course & Workbook, this is our flagship course. The hardest part of your sacred self care journey will always be knowing how to get started and having the tools, resources and modalities to keep you on your journey. This mini course is the foundation to help you get started on your transformational journey by awakening your infinite gifts and precious life force energy.  
  • LIVE weekly meditation & mindfulness practices, education on sacred self care & womb health. Plus you'll learn how you can go from suffering to serenity by restoring your wombturn your passions into purpose work and manifest the life you desire while resting and reconnecting to your feminine essence with our signature program, W.O.M.B. Care.
  • Q&A sessions where I go in depth with my journey to transformational healing.
  • Have you ever wondered why you haven't been able to crack the code of creativity to embody your life's work or purpose? I'll reveal what's missing!
  • A dynamic virtual self care circle that will inspire you to share your story!
  • Exclusive offers to retreats and in-person events.
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